4G/LTE network projects and launches in Africa (2017)

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Publication date: 28 February 2017
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There are very few reports that review 4G deployment by country across Africa. This report offers invaluably detailed and updated information on the state of play with 4G-LTE launches and projects across the continent.

The July 2016 update is available now, and the February 2017 update will be available in March 2017.


Using a range of information, this piece of research compiled into an excel spreadsheet looks at several areas: 

1) the list of 4G/LTE services launches, pilot tests and upcoming projects by country; 

2) the list of operators launching 4G/LTE services;

3) 4G LTE launch dates

and where data is available, 

This excel spreadsheet is a working tool enabling to add cells and updates. It is available on demand within 14 working days so that we can supply the most recent updates.

It took over 12 months for 2 analysts and several trips across the African continent to track the market and produce this report.

Terms of payment:

Full payment in advance with a Visa card online or via bank transfer.

The excel spreadsheet will be delivered via email once payment fees have been received.


Main authors: Sylvain Béletre | Russell Southwood.

Price: £960.00

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