Senegal: Big changes hit Sonatel-dominated market but new challengers need strategy to win

17 February 2017

Senegal would see itself as a competitive market but is actually dominated by Sonatel. Recently there have been two changes that may yet shake it up. Russell Southwood looks at the implications of these two changes and what they might mean for other markets. For years, Sonatel has been the de-facto dominant player in Senegal. The Government had a significant shareholding in it and sat on its board. Any attempt to open the market failed. The ISP sector withered on the vine, pushed out by a fairly aggressive pricing policy by Sonatel. Electricity utility SENELEC was not allowed to wholesale…


Rwanda’s Tele10 remodels its VoD platform as a “white label” for mobile operators with local content

10 February 2017

Getting the right business formula for a VoD platform in Africa is tough. It’s a new market and nobody really knows yet what will work. Tele10’s CEO Eugene Nyagahene has had to rethink how its sells its Watch Africa TV service. This week he talked to Russell Southwood about how he has changed it. The Watch Africa TV VoD platform, was launched in Kenya at the end of 2015:”We lost money in Kenya because our package was US$25 a month because of (the international partner) we were working with. We couldn’t make it a game changer. When Netflix came in,…


DTT: Digital Migration In Africa (Excel Summary - January 2017)

DTT in Africa - State of play of the migration to digital terrestrial TV by country  (Please refer to the main DTT report for more details). This report required interviews with over 100 DTT and broadcast experts in and outside of Africa over the past 6 years. Format: Excel tables only These report's files seize a growing and emerging TV content distribution channel across Africa. Report's Key data: Jan 2017 update: DTT state of play by country in Africa: 1) ASO, 2) DTT launch, 3) pilot, 4) regulation and/or DTT commission set up, 5) no action DTT commissions, DTT players and decision makers,…