Nigeria’s VoguePay wants to capture the ECOWAS region with its payment processing service

23 June 2017

The African online and mobile payment processing space is becoming extremely crowded. The winners will be those that can deliver high volumes of transactions. So whatever the problems of the Nigerian economy has now, it would be sensible to be looking for long-term winners in that market. Russell Southwood spoke to one of the runners, Michael Simeon, Co-Founder and CEO, VoguePay. VoguePay is a payment processing company that can send and collect money from Africa: 95% of its business is B2C and 5% B2B. It has over 100,000 registered users and 50,000 active users. 80% of them are in Nigeria…


Launch of 1st major international VoD service in Francophone Africa - Canal+ and Orange launch IROKO service in Cameroon and elsewhere

15 June 2017

French Pay TV provider Canal+ has teamed up with Orange to launch its IROKO+ subsidiary’s VoD service in key markets in Francophone Africa. The service is pitched as a low-cost prepay service which comes bundled with data. Russell Southwood looks at what’s on the table. It’s the first major international VoD service in Francophone Africa but not the first international service. As with every claim to be first, there’s always a bit of a fight. Paris-based, Orange backed start-up Afrostream launched in 24 Francophone countries in November last year but has not yet had a major impact. The content plus…


DTT: Digital Migration In Africa (Excel Summary - June 2017)

DTT in Africa - State of play of the migration to digital terrestrial TV by country  (Please refer to the main DTT report for more details). This report required interviews with over 100 DTT and broadcast experts in and outside of Africa over the past 6 years. Format: Excel tables only These report's files seize a growing and emerging TV content distribution channel across Africa. Report's Key data: June 2017 update: DTT state of play by country in Africa: 1) ASO, 2) DTT launch, 3) pilot, 4) regulation and/or DTT commission set up, 5) no action DTT commissions, DTT players and decision makers,…