Africa’s data centre sector experiences a growth spurt – 12 level 3 facilities as Nigeria’s Rack Centre joins their ranks

26 May 2017

One sign that Africa’s data markets are maturing is the rapid increase in the number of Level 3 certified data centres. A quarter of these data centres are carrier neutral, offering customers the ability to do a range of things that are vital as Africa’s corporates go digital. Russell Southwood spoke to Ayotunde Coker, Managing Director, Rack Centre, Nigeria’s carrier neutral data centre, which got its Level 3 certification last month. A year ago there were relatively few Level 3 data centres certified by the Uptime Institute on the continent. Now there are 12, of which 4 are carrier neutral:…


Nollywood: Filmhouse follows up biggest grossing film ever with The Wedding Party: Part 2 – Destination Dubai, also five other new films

18 May 2017

Nigeria’s Filmhouse Cinemas and Film One Distribution have quietly built themselves a significant audience in their cinemas by giving them something slightly better than run-of-the-mill Nollywood films. Released late last year, their Rom-Com The Wedding Party has already become the biggest box office hit in terms of gross revenues. Russell Southwood spoke to Moses Bapatope, Group Executive Director, Filmhouse Cinemas and Film One Distribution and Production and Executive Producer, The Wedding Party The man who executive produced The Wedding Party started life as a student working for the UK cinema chain, Odeon Cinemas. He worked his way up to become…


VoD and Africa - A review of existing VoD services, drivers, challenges and opportunities (2017 update)

180+ VoD platforms related to Africa and Black culture!  The new emerging distribution market for the African audiovisual industry is VoD. VoD and IPTV services are the best way for broadband internet operators in Africa to monetize data now!  There are very few reports that review VoD (video on demand) progress across Africa.  This report offers invaluably detailed and updated information on the state of play with VoD platforms' launches and projects across the continent. This report is ideal to prepare a business plan and convince investors and partners. The main report was initially released at the end of 2014 and…